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Thornhill Ranches LLC

Red and Black Purebred Angus Bulls for Sale. 

Contact for pricing and more information. 

Contact John Thornhill at 972-935-5544 or

Steinbrecher Livestock Bulls

Offering a selection of yearling bulls and two-year old Angus bulls private treaty. Bulls sired by: SAV Checkmate 8158, LD Capitalist 316, SAV Territory 7225, SAV Quarterback 7933, Baldridge Flagstone F411, DBZ 30A, SAV Inscription, DBZ 21T RN 67Y Acclaim, SVC Cinch 3062 6021, SL Resource 8026. 

Based out of Stephenville, TX and Nisland, SD. 

Contact Kody Steinbrecher at 307-290-0821 or

Chesaquah Ranch Registered Angus Bulls

4 very nice bulls, all in top 10% in AAA. All very docile. One is ready to be a herd sire now at 23 months of age (see pic).With a CED of +9, he would also make an excellent heifer sire. Located in south central Texas near Goliad, Chesaquah Ranch also has FB Wagyu and F1's.

Now that STX has been certified for CAB, there is an opportunity to retain ownership and make premiums by selling on the grid if one has black-hided animals.

Contact Dave Barnett at  619-972-7942 or

M4 Ranch Registered Angus Bull

A good registered Angus herd bull. DOB: 1/24/2018 AAA:19254196

Contact The Moreno's at  936-355-2308 and 469-442-8708 or

1860 Farms Registered Angus Bulls

1860 Absolute N Bar EXT H031, Reg: AAA 19913236, Bull, Birth Date: 10/09/2020 Tattoo: H031

DNA Tested, Parentage: SNP, Genomic: Angus GS, Parents Qualified

H031 His Daddy “Bruce” produced over $3000,000 as a part time cover bull to our extensive AI program, I often wonder if I should have given up on the AI work and just used “Bruce”??  Well now you can make that decision as you add to the Foundation of your Herd with great genetics from some of the best. S A V Final Answer 0035, GAR-EGL Protégé, D H D Traveler 6807 and N Bar Emulation EXT (Google these two). Let’s add in some of the best Dams to ever calve; Thomas Miss Lucy 5152, Rita 7M89 of Rita 5FH8 Pred, O C C Juanada 709V & Sedgwicks Barbara 087. 6 Angus Pathfinders in his 3-generation pedigree. Bulls with a sound History, will Lead your Herd into the Future with sound production.

Priced; $3,000

1860 GB Fireball 672 H032, Reg: AAA *19949202, Bull, Birth Date: 09/11/2020 Tattoo: H032.


DNA Tested, Parentage: SNP, Genomic: Angus GS, Parents Qualified

H032 is a “King of Grass-fed X $Beef Genetics”! C.A.B. Certified Genetics to boot! This is a Prodigious Breeding that has shaped a Combination of EPD’s that may be unmatched for a “Grass-fed X $Beef” Sire. If you ever wanted to collect semen for a commercial herd that lives on grass and needs to produce beef, this is your sire. Let’s “Build-a-Bull” just the way we would need one, if we wanted it to work on big open land, have the feet and legs needed to work all day and cover some ground, stay strong on forage, pass on some serious grass-fed capabilities, make use of the forage available, have the Dry matter Intake and RADG to put weight on his calves and have the $EN (energy) that surpasses the average angus by far. Now, what about the Maternal Side (some of my cows are ready to move on, but it would take a Fantastic Heifer to make that happen)! Well, this is your best shot at making that happen. H032 has just the right EPD’s to make your heifers the some of the best your cows can produce by adding genetics that are picture-perfect in each area(s) of EPD’s; “Production”, “Maternal”, “Management”, “Carcass” & $Values (without going so far that you start to lose the Maternal capabilities)! B.S. aside a cows got to have milk to raise a bigger than average calf to weaning weight & most cows need a boost in that area, he’s got it. Also, I need my new heifers and cows to take advantage of Calving Ease (I am not out there all night) and Heifer Pregnancy (which is taking longer in some sire’s progeny), $M & $C. Cow and calf “Structure”, almost every average cow can use improvement in Claw & Angle, this boy has it. The calves to keep and back-ground are the ones that can put on weight, have marbling, $G, $W, and come from a C.A.B. Certified Sire so you get top dollar when you sell and Bonuses for High Choice and Prime if you retain. Look him up at AAA if you need to see the EPD’s or Pedigree, outstanding animal is all I can say. 

GB Fireball 672 (H021’s sire) has sure fire calving ease, carcass quality and added performance. Now combined that with double digit Calving Ease, top 10% growth and you have a big-time curve bender spread. He offers a combination of Marbling and Rib Eye Area EPDs that are unmatched by any other active sire in the Angus breed today, also a significant sire line to use for advantages for foot quality, muscle and $Beef.  His +346 $Combined index and +16 CED puts him among the top active multi-trait sires in the breed today.

Priced; $5,950

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