Caveness Cattle

Registered Angus Bulls for Sale

We have sold all of our Angus females, and have two home-raised registered Angus bulls for sale. See details on the American Angus Association website ( by entering the registration number for each animal. Look at the genetics and EPDs. 

CAF Rito X Discovery 181 AAA# 19469522

Sire: Rito 9Q20 of Rita 5F56 GHM

DOB: 11/08/2018

  • His parentage predicts low birth, high growth, strong maternal and supreme carcass merit.

  • RITO 9Q20 was sired by Gardens Highmark, a trait leader for marbling; his dam is a very unique female ranking well in EPD categories such as CW, RE, CED, and BW

CAF Enhance Mizzou AAA# 19814635

Sire: SynGen Enhance 0041

DOB: 1/15/2020

  • SynGen Enhance 0041 posted an incredible performance history, ratioing 80 for BW on an actual BW of 60lbs, 116 for WW and 114 for YW, with and adj. SC of 41.84 cm. 

  • His genomic scores are about as good as they get, with single-digit readings for YW,YH, DOC, HP, MILK, MH and CW. 

  • A calving ease bull with a great spread, fertility and end product merit. 

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